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Living Benefits© Exerpt


Living Benefits, additional coverage in a Life Insurance Policy that will pay up to 90% of the Face Amount of the Policy if the Insured suffers a Terminal, Critical or Chronic illness, is unknown to 95% of the American public?


Why? Probably because 95% of Life Insurance Companies don’t offer Living Benefits.


Why? Because 95% of Life Insurance Companies don’t want to pay “Claims” while you are alive.


Living Benefits is the greatest change in the Life Insurance Industry in 200-years, yet few people have a clue it exists.


More amazing is the fact that Living Benefits, with the right Policy, is included at no additional premium. That’s right, there is no extra cost to have Living Benefits included.


Any Living Benefits’ payment is in “Tax Free” dollars, never has to be repaid and can be spent anyway the Insured desires.


Learn how Dr. Jonathan, one month after purchasing an IUL Life Insurance Policy for $900,000 with Living Benefits, was diagnosed with throat cancer. A month later Dr. Jonathan was paid $734,738 Tax Free dollars. This money allowed the Doctor to focus of treatments and recovery and not be stressed by a lack of income.


If you can have complete Living Benefits for the same premium you are paying now and have the same amount of Death Benefits, why would you not take advantage of Living Benefits?


Living Benefits©


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