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The Big IRA Gamble©

401 (k) Roulette©

Living Benefits©

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An excerpt about

401(k) Roulette©

An excerpt about

The Big Ira Gamble©

Welcome to the most illuminating chapter of this book, an explanation of LIRP, the unknown Alternative Retirement Plan. You will learn why the “Rich” and 85% of the Fortune 500 top CEOs employ the LIRP secret to benefit one’s financial life by eliminating 100% of Wall Street Market Risk and eliminating 100% of unknown future Tax Rates.

- Introduction of 401(k) Roulette© -

"The Big IRA Gamble© is unique because it demystifies the IRA by exploring, discussing, illustrating and verifying the various aspects of all IRAs only to come to the inescapable conclusion like its cousin the Company 401(k), the IRA is obsolete, unnecessary and does not represent the best Retirement Plan available the majority of Americans and that includes Realtors®

​- The Big IRA Gamble© -


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